Authention 'Dwizmyk' Alchemae

Human male Wizard [[Rara Avis]] member.


Tall,thin,hairless, with strange arcane tatoos even he doesn’t understand covering his entire body. He thinks becoming hairless was a curse from the god of light, Pelor, for breaking an ancient pact with the god his ancestors made in which they vowed to never use or teach arcane magic for all time. Rejecting the pact he stole a small library of arcane tomes for his fathers royal vaults and began teaching himself the art of magic. The moment he cast his first simple spell his body was wracked with an excruciating pain that caused him to lose consciousness. When he awoke he was covered in woad tinted arcane runes. He believes they are heirloom from his magical ancestors however he has not yet unraveled the mystery of their significance.


He is tight lipped about his past even with his closest friend Wogglebaum. He displays a masterful intelligence accented by a wry sense of humor. He exudes confidence but at what cost? The pain of loss reflected in his eyes belies the, ‘all is well’ mien he bears as his only armor.

Authention 'Dwizmyk' Alchemae

Rara Avis Wogglebaum