Vinzellynthear the Magnificent

Ancient human sage, founder of Rara Avis.


Wizened, his skin is well preserved wrinkled leather. Ironically hale, his age is undefinable and seemingly irrelevant. Sage, mage, seer, mystic or a wry mixture of them all… and perhaps more ? His demeanor is exuberant and optimistic in times of great fortune as well as those more perilous. Mention Rara Avis and his face shines with pride as though the membership has already brought to pass the the glories of what for now are merely his hopes and dreams.

He is one of two surviving members of the Wizard’s Guild of Fallcrest. Nimozaren the Green, the other surviving member, is an estranged friend and current ‘High Septarch’ of the guild. He has sent Vin an urgent missive to inform Vin of his old friend Nimozaren’s imminent death. By default, Vin will become the next Septarch of the guild however he will inherit a tower that is in serious disrepair, library;alchemy and research laboratories that have been pilfered and pawned to make ends meet over the decades and to make matters worse there are no current apprentices or applicants. He also relates that the political and social conditions of the vale have deteriorated greatly since Vin visited Fallcrest some three decades ago but gave no specifics as to what that entails. He is the Grand Arcane Head and Primary Founder of the Adventuring Fraternity known as Rara Avis.

Vinzellynthear the Magnificent

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